6724 210th Street SW
Lynnwood, WA 98036
Phone: 425.775.8844
Tuesday - Saturday
by appointment
Dirty Paws Pet Styling
Phone: 425.775.8844
$5.00 Off
Your pet's next groom
each time you refer a
new client
10% OFF
Schedule your next
visit* when you pick up
your pet and receive a
10% Discount off of
your pets
next styling
5% OFF
Senior Citizen
Dirty Paws
Pet Styling
* Scheduled appointment
must be within 8 weeks of
the previous appointment
Pre-bath brush out
Mat Removal*
Toe nail trim
Ear hair removal if needed
Ears cleaned
Bathing Beauty™ coat and skin cleansing
Shampoo to suit your pet's coat and skin
Fluff drying by hand
Bandana or bows
Add on or Single Treatments
De-shedding Treatment
Reduce your pet's shedding by 60-80
$5.00 for 10 minute treatment.
Teeth Brushing
Clean teeth are important to your pet's
Toe nail trim
Small $12.00 • Med $16.00 • Large $16.00
Any pet that arrives with fleas will be given a
CAPSTAR™ tablet. CAPSTAR™ is a safer
and more effective treatment than flea
Under 25 lbs.  - $5.00 25 lbs. and over $7.00
* There will be an additional fee for excessive
matting, due to time spent and difficulty. If mats are
so excessive that it is painful for your pet to have
them removed they will be shaved instead
Full Groom
Everything included with Bath PLUS:
Initial haircut
Final Styling
Face, Feet & Tail
Everything included with Bath PLUS:
Initial haircut on face, feet & tail
Bathing Beauty™ Hydro massage
bathing system
Final Styling of face, feet & tail
Prices are based on breed, size, coat
condition and temperament. Please call
for an estimate.